"We offer you high quality at low prices with great service and integrity."

Quality – Our highest priority is to give you quality products. We own many of the products we sell and we research our friends’ experience with others. We sell goods from brand name manufacturers known for excellence.

Price – Unlike stores such as Futureshop or Titles, we give you great deals rather than waste money on mass marketing campaigns. Extra savy shoppers may be used to shopping directly from the Tiger, but when you factor in the shipping cost and taxes we often have them beat too. Why? No GST. That’s right, because we are a relatively new business we are not required to charge GST and that means savings for you!

Service – We are more approachable than the other guys and we care about your satisfaction. If you are thinking of making a purchase but do not know what’s right for you, by all means email us or call us. We won’t bite and we’ll show you some products specifically with you in mind. We are love our tech toys and will likely be able to help you out.

Integrity – This point is closely related to the last. Too often computer salespersons will use fear-mongering tactics to coerce their clients into buying more than they need. A good example is the Y2K scare. While some software definitely needed updating, many opportunists used the fear to push unnecessary “Y2K compliant” products. Does your toaster still work? Mine does.