Custom Built Programs

We can build you a program to handle almost any job you need done. Give us a call to let us know what you are looking for. Here are some previous projects:

Previous projects

  • Nutritional Analysis - a program with a built-in database of many common foods including fast foods. One could calculate the calories and nutritional value of their diet by entering in the foods they eat and compare them to recommended values for people of their age and sex. They would get a formated itemized report with this information at the end.
  • Inventory Managment tools - built many scripts to manage stockroom changes and automated many tasks saving hundreds of hours of manual work.
  • Evolution Simulation - simulates evolution of bacterial life in at the bottom of a pond. Takes a series of environmental parameters from the user such as rate of food drop and food level necessary to reproduce, and starting bacterial number. Then it runs a simulation where the motion of bacteria is dependent on their "genes" which evolve. The evolution of these bacteria changes with natural selection depending on parameters such as whether there is a dense food source such as a fish at the bottom.
  • BLAST analysis - does a remote database query to retrieve protein information from NCBI, an online database. This program integrated available open source tools to compare a protein with others and align them.
  • TAMP python tools - retrieves proteins from NCBI and does analysis to predict which belong to a family proteins called Tail Anchors, some of which are involved in cancer. Other tools predict the overabundance of certain amino acids or cross reference the Tail Anchor database with others such as OMIM, a database of proteins involved in disease.

Programming Language Expertise

Most proficiency in BASIC and Python Experience using C++, Java, Delphi, LabView, Clarion and others Database Experience in Access, MySQL, and Oracle

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